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Every month I will be adding a new Poll to the BoXer site. All results will be forwared onto both Dan Lutz at AntiGravity [USA] and Paul LeSurf at Blittersoft [UK]. If you have any suggestions for Polls then please email me.

Poll Number 3
Month: July 2000

How much for an accelerator?

How much would you be willing to pay for a G3 PPC accelerator?

0-100 UKP
100-150 UKP
150-200 UKP
200 Plus UKP
Any amount
I Don't want one
I'd prefer another CPU

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Poll Number 2
Month: June/July 2000

BoXer CPU Preference

Which of the following would you prefer to be shipped with the BoXer?

68k CPU
No CPU - Add your own
PPC with 68k emulation

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Poll Number 1
Month: April 2000

System Vs Bare board

If you had the choice which would you prefer to purchase?

A complete pre-built system
Bare BoXer board only
Not sure yet
Don't care

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